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Draino, look at us, both in love with northeastern and ending up at bc...


--- Quote from: rowgirl on April 08, 2005, 03:34:08 PM ---Draino, look at us, both in love with northeastern and ending up at bc...

--- End quote ---

I know, right?  Those bastards deferred me and then waited until the last week of March to finally accept me after all the love I spread for them.  Never a peep about BC and they lemme in back in early Jan.!!!  I am still a fan of their co-op program, but am a bigger fan of BC overall.  ;D

I sent in my deposit to BC today.  Glad to finally have the decision behind me and I'm excited for BC.  I'm currently an undergrad in the Boston area so the move won't be a big deal. Due to family moving around, I'm "from" Denver and Maine. Most likely I'll be getting an apartment with my current roommates in the Brighton/Allston area, but that is still up in the air due to my delaying signing a lease in hopes of a wait list miracle.

I'm sending my deposit in this week too! I live in the DC area now, but I'm "from" Florida, went to school in Connecticut.

when are all of you looking to move into the boston area and what are you going to do for the summer?  Even with my being very close to the school and area, I still feel a little pressure to secure something in June when a lot of apts open up...whether i do or not is another matter.


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