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Should I go to Rutgers-Camden?

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I'm choosing between Rutgers-Camden and Villanova.  I was wondering if anyone out there has any opinion on how these two schools compare to eachother.

All input is appreciated.

tag.  You again!!!!  I guess we're wondering the same thing!  We'll see what the opinion is Mr. Monk.

BTW, those monk fish sure are UGLY!  have you ever seen one?  Gosh, I saw one on display in Seattle once and they are certainly an interesting sight!

I know that Villanova has a great alumni network base. Tons of partners and judges....but if you want to stay in NJ post graduation, Camden might be a good bet

I'm at RutgersCamden now, I have my issues w/ he school, but it's rep. is actually better than the U.S. news implies.  'Nova & RU are pretty similar.  RU higher ranked and better known name nationally.  Also, 'Nova costs more and has nicer campus (by far).  Basically, if you want to practice in PA go w/ 'Nova, anywhere else go w/ RU.  Not that 'Nova isn't good nationally, but RU is a little better.  RU palces really well in Philly, but since 'Nova is in PA still may be a better choice.

sorry about the spelling...long day


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