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Which housing is better: UK or Lexington Seminary (across street)


Jackson Smith:
Is the graduate level housing provided by UK the better choice? Or is the Lexington Theo Seminary, which is right across the street from the Law School, a better bet?

Also, does anybody know the price range for housing?

Thanks! :D

UK grad housing is alright, I have never lived there but the buildings themselves are not very new. Excellent easily walkable access to all of main campus. I don't know of any housing at the seminary though I have seen the cut up houses in that area. There are fraternity houses right next to the seminary, its probably a 2-3 minute walk to the law school.

The oncampus housing is very reasonably priced. Non UK housing will run between $300 dollars for a very small studio apartment to 400-500 for a decent one bedroom. You can get very nice apartments in a 'high rise' downtown building for about 700-1000 dollars a month. Downtown is a 15 minute walk from main campus. Theres various apartment complexes around the area some of which have very nice apartments. The walk from there will be longer though. Check out they have lots of housing around campus and the big downtown building. I rent an apartment from them, very professional company.

If you have a car you can get housing away from campus, there is a parking lot for commuters at memorial collaseum about 5-10 minute walk from the law school. There are lots of luxury apartment complexes away from campus that have housing in the 500-1000 range.


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