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Will anyone be reading the suggested reading list from University of Miami?  Will these books really make any difference?

i just sent my deposit in today, but when i find out about the list, i'll read the books. 


im going to read the buffalo creek disaster and getting to maybe.  im not wasting my time with the others.

I'm a miami student. I wouldn't go out of your way to do the summer reading. Many civ. pro classes will have you read Buf. Creek and Civil Action. Outside of those I certainly wouldnt bother with the others. Your going to be doing plenty of reading in the fall. Take the summer to just relax some.

oooh just wandered over here..

Casino: Summer Reading and Viewing List can be found on their admitted studnets website:

I got some of the books.. but just more out of curiosity than anything..I actually doubt i'll read them.. but in case I'm at the beach with no reading material, why not?... saw Bladerunner again too.. I actually have that on DVD.. interesting that it should even be on this list..


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