Law School Discussion

any wash u. students willing to answer an undergrad's questions? thanks!

I am very seriously considering attending WUSTL next year.  Even if I get into one of my reach schools, WUSTL's scholarship may be to good to turn down.  So here go the questions in no particular order (thanks in advance!!):

1.  What's the surrounding area like? 
2.  Where do most students live?  How is rent?  Is it possible not to have a roomate and live somewhere halfway decent?
3.  How are the professors?
4.  How are the other students?  Are they smart?  Does the school lean toward "super competitive" or "laid back"?
5.  How is the campus itself?  What are the facilities like?
6.  Do YOU like it?
7.  Do students generally have time for a social life??

I'm not really sure what else to ask, but any info is much appreciated.  Thanks!  ;D   

PS i'm "MooCow" on LSN and LSD prelaw forum, but i'm not moocow on xoxohth- don't know who that is!


Maybe I can help.  I don't attent WUSTL, but lived about a mile from there before moving to FL. 

1.  Surrounding area is awesome.  The loop is a couple blocks north, and the park is right across the street.  Can't beet living in Clayton.
2.  It's the midwest, so rent is cheap.  The area around WU is a little more steep, but still inexpensive compared to say, Miami.

Can't tell you much else.  Good luck.  Look for an apartment in clayton.  try a street named parkdale.  Great place to live.