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Did anyone else attend the mixer last night and the preview today? What did you think? I'm already decided, so I wasn't really the intended audience, but I still had a great time and am VERY excited for classes to start.


I was only able to attend the preview day on Friday.  I had a positive impression of the school, but I'm still not sure if that's where I'll end up.  Do you already live in Portland?  I live in Seattle now, so I am still trying to figure out if I want to make the move.  Did you find out anything worthwhile at the Thursday reception?

I do live in Portland currently. The Thursday reception was okay, but no good info really. They had free wine, beer and food so I was happy! I also met a few pretty cool people and reconnected with an old classmate who is a recent graduate of the school.


What other schools are you guys thinking about? Thinking about environmental? Where do you want to practice?

I'm also considering USD, and am having a tough time deciding.

I would like to stay in the Pacific Northwest, so I'll either be at L&C or UW if the waitlist is good to me.  I also got into USD, but I decided that I didn't want to move all the way to San Diego.  If I end up at L&C it would be with the plan to eventually practice in Portland.

jwax - where do you live now?  What are the factors that you are considering?


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