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One L next year

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« Reply #10 on: March 23, 2005, 04:50:25 PM »
bump.  any catholic information at this point is helpful to me.  i just wrote up my acceptance of admission and will probably be sending it in tommorrow.  am still about 50/50 though between catholic and miami.


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How much is the Miami seat deposit?

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three hundred bucks.


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Hey, all.  This is Matokah from the prelaw board (fyi).

How did you all send in your money?  Did you compose a little letter and send it in with the letter?  Or did you just send the money?

Also, how many of you are visiting for the admitted students day on 1-2 April?  I'm looking forward to it! :)

Re: Housing.  I picked up a brochure the last time I was there that said graduate/law school housing would not be offered next year.  Anyone else heard anything about this?

I'm hoping to live in Hyattsville, MD with a friend, so it doesn't really concern me, but I thought I'd throw it out there to those who are thinking of living on campus (it was a pink sheet, I believe).

Oh, screw it, let's just quote straight from the sheet and not be lazy and vague.  Here's what it says:

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Is there on-campus housing?
A: This year, unfortuantely, on-campus housing is not avialable for incoming law students.  This is due to the number of continuing students who will remain to live on campus.

Q: Where do most students live?
A: Since the Metro (DC's subway system) is fairly extensive in the region, students live evenly between DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  If you would like more information about the metrorail and metrobuses, please visit, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's Website.

Q: What are the local neighborhoods like?
A: DC is a major city with the pros and cons of a major city.  There are neighborhoods, which are more small town feel, and those that are downtown in nature.  WETA, DC public TV's website,, has a great breakdown of the various neighborhoods in Metro DC.

Q: Where can I find a roommate?
A: If you are interested in living with another incoming law student, please fill out the Roommate Name Exchange Form (under the Roommate Name Exchange Form message thread) and submit it back to the Admissions Office.

If you are interested in living with a non-law student, check out the Washington City Paper and Craig's List DC for some possibilities.

Q: What is the cost of living in Metro DC?
A: DC is similar to LA, Boston, and Chicago, in that it has a high cost of living.  Common rental rates for a studio/efficiency range from $1000-12000.  Gas prices are around $1.98-2.05 per gallon regular.  Movie tickets are about $8-9.

Q: Where can I shop?
A: Metro DC has a number of malls and commercial districts.  Major store chains like Ikea, Macy's, and Best Buy have mutiple locations in the area.  However, you can also find great deals at hometown shops throughout the city.  For a complete list of stores, please visit the DC Tourism Board's website at

Okay, that's it.  Apologies for any spelling errors.

Also, there's no date on this, so maybe it's from last year and there actually are rooms available on campus this year?  No idea.

Hope that helped a bit.

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(I'm the same rhapsody as on the pre-law board.)

I sent in a short letter just saying that I formally accept their offer, and thanks for the scholarship cause that's the reason I'm going!

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I also sent a short letter with my check.  They sent an e-mail three days later saying they recieved my seat deposit and where looking forward to me attending blah, blah, blah.

What's this about no graduate housing?  I was kinda planning on living in the dorms for the first semester, now I have to find roommates with either
a) law students who I don't know; potential assholes or
b) strangers I don't know; potential loud assholes.


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They're supposed to cover housing on Saturday afternoon... hopefully they'll address the question then (if you don't get a chance to talk to them beforehand).

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JManning: It looks like there's no housing, but keep in mind that the sheet of paper I got wasn't dated, so maybe that was the situation last year and it's changed this year.  I really have no idea, though.  I just thought I'd post it, so other people could see what I was actually talking about.

I know how you feel, though.  I'm rather antisocial, so there's no way I'd want to live with someone I didn't know well (especially during the most stressful year of my life as a 1L!).  Hopefully my current roommate's sister will be alright with having a roommate.  At least she's someone I know a bit.

rhapsody: *poke*.  Hello!  ;D

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One thing about roommates... there's always the library!  Just kidding.  But I think I'll put a small blanket in my locker anyway for the times when I just have to crash for an hour or else...  :P  From what ninalyn posted it looks like the Roommate Name Exchange could at least help JManning avoid (b) type people.  I wonder if there is some online equivalent of eHarmony (or similar) for roommate matching.

:poke: Hi ninalyn!  ;D