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Any others on this board or are these child boards practically pointless?  Are any of you planning on living in the graduate dorms? near campus? some other neighborhood?

I hope I'm not the only loser who checks this thing.

You're not!   :D

I'll be a 1L this fall at Catholic as well.  I actually just spent the afternoon there today, just walking around the law school building (hadn't visited before).  I spent about an hour talking with a 2004 graduate who was working at the library desk... she was quite enthusiastic about Catholic and the community there compared to other D.C. schools.

I won't be living on campus; I'll be commuting from Howard County, as we (my husband and I) already have a house there close to his work.

Where are you from?

I'm from Chciago and will be driving through the night after work on Thursday to make it to admitted student's weekend.  I'm strongly considering living in the dorms first semester so I could get my bearings, find an apartment, etc.. instead of worrying about all that over the summer.  We'll see though.  I'm very excited about the Catholic, once I graduate it will be my total years in Catholic schooling to 19!

Wow, 19 years in Catholic schools?! :o  I have never attended one before so it was a little strange for me to walk around the classrooms the other day and see Jesus on the cross everywhere.  I guess it is just a different focus from what I'm used to. ;)

I don't know where all the good places to live are off-campus, but a friend of mine just got her master's from Catholic last spring, and she shared a house with other students in Hyattsville.  I could ask her for more info if that would be helpful to you.

Where is Hyattsville?  I was thinking of living somewhere in the city; afterall, I am only 22 and still single.


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