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Ok, will someone tell me why should I be putting down 650-1000 per
month to live in rooms ranging from ridiculously tiny to just tiny.
I talked to someone from the tower and she said the efficiencies are
250 sq ft. Do you know how small that is? I suppose I could always
pay a little more for a room that is 450 square feet.

Thing is, for the price thats small, even by San Francisco
standards, ESPECIALLY considering the neighborhood. Ok, so why is it
that I am trying to move into this place. Whats the benefit? Are my
complaints/concerns not valid?

I also find it intriguing that they do not post any interior shots of the residence units. Are they that bad?

I'm just having a hard time justifying why I'm attempting ot put down large sums of money for a place, that I don't feel is worth the price. Will someone please vindicate my actions?

Welcome to San Francisco, that'll be 10 dollars an hour to park on this spot, oh and you'll have to pay extra to the hobos to not trash your car and steal the tires.

I know, I have been struggling with the same thing. Do you have any idea what the square footage is on a one bedroom? Is that the 450? I actually mailed in my app today, and I plan on scheduling an appt. to look at one of the units in a couple of weeks. I know that utilities including wireless internet access are included in the rent so that makes the price seem like more of a deal.

You'll have to let me know what they look like. If you've gone already let me know and give me the details: namely size, overall aesthetic quality, and the size and extent of the weight room. I'm flying by the seat of my pants on all this *&^%. I'm from Minneapolis and its not economically feasible for me to check the living situation out. Bascially what it comes down to is that I know I can find a better place for the equivalent price with the same incentives/utilities etc, but I don't have the time, energy or the give a @#!* to do it. I don't want to have a car, they suck, and this place fits the bill. Plus I love homeless people and bad neighborhoods. I'll be very interested to see the this area around campus that is so bad. I can't figure out if its that people in San Fran aren't used to seeing homeless people in their little Upper Class city, or if the homeless people are really that thick. I see homeless people everyday, and speak with many of them, that doesn't scare me. Northeast Minneapolis scares me. Thats a place you don't want to be, unless you want to be shot or get hard looking at rundown, vacant properties.

I went to the admitted students day last Saturday, so I can answer some of your questions.  The Civic Center/Tenderloin neighborhood where Hastings is located, is not some ghetto with crack dealers on every corner and gangs.  But it does have it's share of homeless people and adult establishments.  On the plus side, all the court buildings, city hall, asian art museum, opera house, and symphony building are either just across the street or a few blocks down the street from Hastings.  However, some of the surrounding blocks are definitely a little dodgy.  Over the weekend, I stayed a few blocks away from Hastings at the Powell Hotel, on Powell and Market.  It's not the best neighborhood, but it isn't the worst either.  My biggest complaint about the area, aside from it not being the cleanest, was the night time noise level.  If you can live with the above and use common sense, you should be alright living in the tower. BTW, according to one local, part of the reason there are more bums in the area is because the area is flat and supposedly SF bums don't like hills.  Hence, I didn't find any at the top of Nob Hill, which is only about 1.5 mi from Hastings.

As far as the tower goes, the studios are decent for the price, and the students I met living there didn't have anything negative to say about living there outside of the obvious.  The weight room was well stocked and a decent size.  They have a full array of free weights, all the basic weight benches, machines(including cables), and treadmills.  It isn't fancy but everything you need to seriously work out is there.  The only major thing missing, from my perspective, is a smith machine.  Also, you don't have to live in the tower to use the gym.


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