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Called Loyola Law School (LA) they said............what does it usually mean?

Hey guys,

Called Loyola the admissions guy said "decision has been made but I cannot tell you over phone.You should be receiving something shortly."

I am assuming that this almost means, for sure, that I was rejected?

Anyone else have a similar experience with loyola or other schools when calling?

Chance I am on waiting list? Chance I have been accepted?

If I was accepted, would they not tell me over phone?


Not necessarily.  The school may have a privacy policy in place prohibiting transferring an applicant's information via phone which does not provide ID safeguards (they cannot verify that the person on the phone is the applicant).

Also, the person who is answering the phones is probably a student and doesn't know any more information than the fact that a decision on your file has been made or that something has been mailed.

I was in the same situation as you a year ago.  Good luck! :)

Thanks mstiger


Does the online system show that a decision has been made???

Hi Grem:

"Does the online system show that a decision has been made???"

No it was blank.

It is there policy regardless of your decision.  I was rejected, but I have seen others be accepted with the same "not over the phone" response.  Stay positive and the best of luck to you.


It appears that very few part-time applicants have been accepted so far. Does anyone know when this usually occurs?