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No one has anything to say about UConn???

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Good luck.  UConn is a popular school and I believe that, according to an adcom, no one was removed from the waitlist last year. With a 155 LSAT, I think you've been told "thanks but no thanks."

Are you from Conn?  It's a good school for in-state tuition.  Even if you're coming from out of state, you can petition to get residency and in-state tutition after your first year. 

I like it here.  Some days more than others.  I'm not from CT so I miss where I'm from, but don't have a lot of time to dwell on that with all the reading/work.  It's a beautiful (although small) campus.  Depending on whether you want a small student body or not - it's good because I think it's easier to get lost in a school with a bigger student body - you get more individual attention here.  At the same time, it is a small state law school, so maybe not as many resources as a private school.  Especially in terms of Career Services if you want to practice outside of CT.

The student body is not too competitive.  People are friendly and helpful.  Although the small class size makes it seem very high school at times.  There's not much to do around here though, which makes it a good study atmosphere.  Professors are for most part accessible too.

As a 1L, you only get about a week/10 days for winter break since there is an interim Moot Court class held in January (learning how to write an appellate brief and do oral arguments within the one month). 

Anything else or more specific that you want to know?


--- Quote from: denverquestion on March 28, 2005, 11:06:27 PM ---Good luck.  UConn is a popular school and I believe that, according to an adcom, no one was removed from the waitlist last year. With a 155 LSAT, I think you've been told "thanks but no thanks."

--- End quote ---

I spoke to the Assistant Dean of Admissions on Wednesday.  She told me they admitted 10 people off the wait list last year (out of approximately 100).

Thanks for the info!  I wonder if that waitlist info is for the school in general, or for Evening Division acceptees who got waitlisted for the Day Division, or a mix of both.

I got in the Evening Div and got waitlisted for the Day Division...  I'm not from CT and applied late (mid-Jan), so I think I have a pretty poor chance of being bumped up, although my numbers should be competitive (163 avg/3.20). 

It's frustrating, b/c UConn is my number one school, and I actually want to practice in CT.  I really don't want to go PT (which is 4 yrs), which means that if I don't get bumped I might end up elsewhere FT.  I did send in my seat deposit to the Evening Division, though; do you think they'll be satisfied with my acceptance there and not bump me up?

Does anyone think they'll bump up Evening folks to the Day program?  Is it a huge disadvantage not to be from CT, do you think?

L Hand:
I am a 3L at UConn (day) and someone told me about this thread so I thought that I would toss in my 2 cents. I was originally admitted to the evening and waitlisted for the day. I gave my deposit because I knew that I could transfer to day after the end of the first year without any problems (I wanted out in 3 years). I di not get off the day WL but several of my friends who had also been admitted to the evening did so I know it happens.

Frankly, UConn was the smartest thing I cold have done. I pay in-state tuition, most teachers know me by name and often stop by the picnic table just to shoot the breeze, and I actually like the people I am in class with. I don't find it high school at all, or even college. It's high stakes grad school but in a humane environment. That does not bother me in the least. My friends at other LS don't have a lot of good to say about their class as a whole.

I am from NY and wanted to practice in the city and was worried about my ability to do that from UConn. I have a good NY job after a good summer associateship in NY. I am going to be in a big firm, but I really did almost change my mind because lots of other (interesting) option were open to me. I never thought about most of them before law school because I just was unaware of what else I could do. I have to disagree with anyone who says that Career Services here does not go out of its way to help with NY or in biglaw. Just wrong. The school is pretty small, and a lot of my classmates already had good leads, connections and strong ideas about what they wanted to do after graduation. CS helped them with resumes and oci, etc, but spent as much time as needed with people like me, who had an idea but nothing else. Last year 10% of the class wenrt to NY....that is almost everybody who wanted to. Let's face it. If you are last in the class and can't interview well and still think that someone owes you a job in NY or anywhere you are mistaken. And I don't care if you are at H/Y.

Some people in my class who started wanting NY have found out that they did not want to be there after all, not that anyone expected them to become Red Sox fans, of course. Some completetely changed their interests because of a class otr clinic, or they fell in love or they have a clerkship and want to be in a different place. Anyway, Career Services is all over the NY market, and has events both on campus and in NY that give us lots of exposeure to everything from the big firms to many non profits and international organizations and companies. Same for Boston and other places too. It is really easy to run down CS when you don't get a job and to be pretty sure that you sold yourself on your own when you do.

Anyway, everyone should go to the place they get into that best suits them. I think I made the right choice (and hardly owe any money because of the cost of tuition and living here. But it is not for everybody so check out all your options.


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