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Anyone know what kind of background someone going into maritime law needs?  I have no experience or knowledge of the subject; I find it really interesting though.

I live five minutes from Cal Maritime University, so I defintely have the resources to obtain a background; I don't know what kind of classwork to take though, as a lot of it is piloting different boats, navigation, and other practical training into using boats.  I might be wrong, but I don't think that's what I need training in.

Thought I would reply and put this post back at the top of the query.  Any information appreciated.

I am assuming your school doesn't offer a course in this area or else you wouldn't have posted this.  Are there any other law schools nearby that offer a class in this area?  Even if you are graduating this year, and therefore couldn't take the course, you could speak with the professor of that class. I would talk to professors at your school - maybe there is a professor there who has experience in this area and you just don't know it, or maybe a professor knows of an attorney practicing in this area whom you can contact.  Look on Martindale-Hubbell and search under maritime law in your location. Contact the attorneys listed, see if you can schedule an informational interview with them.  Go to bar association meetings and network.  Contact career services at your school and see if they can help.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I think my contracts professor mentioned that maritime law involves a lot of contract issues.  If this is so, see if your contracts prof. has any suggestions.  If all else fails, maybe someone at the maritime university you mentioned knows of someone you can contact.  Can't hurt to ask. 

Thanks for the reply.  To clarify, I am not in law school yet.  I have been accepted many places, but I also am on contract with the USAF...

So, potentially, I have two more years I could invest in classwork other than law.  Just wondering what kind of maritime classwork I should be looking into.

Maybe just google something like "maritime law school" and see what you pull up.  I know schools offer maritime law courses, but I think it's usually just one general course, since it's a very specialized area.  I wonder if international trade courses might touch on the topic

I heard that St. John's in NY offers a maritime law clinic, but not sure.  I have a 2L friend taking the class at Hofstra, so I'll ask him what he thinks.


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