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Anyone accepted for Fall 2005

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I got accepted 2/15.  I'm not sure if I'm going to attend, but I'd like to talk to some other prospective students ???

You got accepted, how bad could it be?  In fact, you should be happy.  I myself have been rejected by Dayton and John Marshall (chi-town), waitlisted by golden gate and accepted by Barry($), Cooley and Appalachian.  As I am sure you can tell these are not cream of the crop schools and at first they were considered my safeties…but, unfortunately I applied before taking the LSATs, assuming that I would score as planned (mid-150’s give or take a few), completely disregarding Murphy’s law(big mistake) and sure enough I mis-bubbled a section….  While I did take the LSATs again this February (I took them the first time in dec.2004) I cannot see myself turning down the opportunity to go to law school, unless of course I scored a 160 on the feb. LSAT, which I’m pretty sure I didn’t do.  While some are squeamish about attending these schools I’m pretty confident that I can either transfer out or put myself in a position to do well after graduation.  What do you think?

The only school that I know anything about is Cooley.  I know a lawyer who graduated from there and has made herself a comfortable career in OH, so wherever you go, if you do well you'll get a good job, & if you do well @ your 1st job it won't matter where u went to law school. I'm not crazy about the idea of transferring, it seems like it would be a huge hassle and I'm sure that as 1L's we'll have plenty on or minds! I also got int MSU, Cleveland-Marshall, & Thomas Jefferson.  Capital gave me $11k per yr though, so I'm really thinking about it.  I just wish that the rest of the schools that I've applied to would give me an answer... ::)

I've been accepted and will be headed there next fall.  I've talked to a lot of lawyers in the Columbus area and all have a lot of respect for capital.  I do know that they just recently hired a new Dean and they brought him in for one reason, to raise the bar passage rate up from 64%.  The word is that they are really going to be weeding out people in first year classes,.

I'm dropping off my seat deposit on the 1st.  I've been waitlisted at OSU.  IF I were to get pulled - big IF from what I hear, I may reconsider Capital.  I went to the open house and liked it though. I liked the small and independent nature of the school.  I had a great conversation with the new Dean.  He was very talkative and interested and does seem to be hitting the alumni circuit hard.  It may mean very good things for Capital by the time we graduate.


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