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« on: February 11, 2005, 06:49:52 PM »
I need some insight...I am a first year student applying to the state bar.  When I was reading the application, there was a question that made me remember something from my undergrad days that I forgot to disclose on my application.

It was my sophmore year, and I was caught at an on campus pub with alcohol underage(not intoxicated).  I wasnt put on probation nor was I suspended, however they gave me community service.

I applied to law school this last year (6 years after the incident), and completely forgot about the whole thing.  Im going to disclose this to the school next week, but Im worried that I will be kicked out for what looks like deception.  Has anyone been through this before?????  Please help...


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Re: Help!
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I have not or know anybody in your situation, but you are doing the right thing to disclose it now.

Re: Help!
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You have to disclose to your school ASAP

Re: Help!
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Thanks for the posts, but I know that I have to disclose it.  My question was whether its common practice for a school to expell someone for something really very minor that was inadvertently left off the applcation.  I wasnt trying to deceive anyone, I just forgot about the whole thing.

Re: Help!
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Since it was 6 yrs ago you shouldn't get expelled.

Do you have a faculty member that you like, and that likes you?  If so, talk to him/her about it during their office hours.. they have probably been at the school for a while, and might be able to suggest exactly how to proceed, who within the school admin to talk to, etc.