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Any fellow members of the class of 2008 out there? If so, why did you choose Hastings?

I've been accepted for fall 05.  I'm not 100% that I will attend UCH yet, but there is a very good chance I will.  I picked Hastings for a few reasons: location, I live in Houston and I would like to live/practice in CA; reputation, for not being a top 20 it still has a very good reputation; staff, I met some of the admissions staff at a LSAC law school conference in nov 2003 and I really liked them, especially compared to some of the other schools; and recommendation, an old business lawyer I know, who is also a partner at a good sized firm and a Harvard grad, who I have talked to about law schools and such recommended applying to Hastings before I ever mentioned it.

What about you?  Are you going to attend either of the admitted student open house days in March or April?  I'm trying to make it to the April one. 

I've also been accepted for fall and I plan to attend. I'll be going to the admitted students day on Mar 26th. I chose Hastings because it is a good fit for me personally. I love SF and eventually want to practice in the bay area. Also, my husband wants to attend UCSF for a masters nursing program, so he really wanted me to go to Hastings. I have a good friend who graduated from Hastings in May and he also encouraged me to attend (and he'll give me all his outlines, etc :D)

I'm biting the bullet and committing to three years in San Francisco today.  It was a pretty easy choice to make- my boyfriend and I both desperately want to move back to (and settle in) California, all of my family is in the Bay Area, SF is an awesome city that I'd love to work in post-graduation, and I didn't get into Boalt  ;)

I thought maybe I could get this discussion going again, perhaps make a few contacts before I make my way to SF. I'll be attending Hastings come August and I'm really excited for all of the opportunities to become involved outside of class in the legal arena. I learned a lot durning undergrad in terms of the importance of contacts, and these opportunities to rub elbows with city officials, judges, etc. will come in very handy when looking for work.

And thats what it always comes back Where, when, and what is the essence of our existence. I think I'm giving up law, and I'm pursuing my interest in becoming a Super Hero instead.

So what has you all jazzed about Hastings and the study of law? Its true, but all of us probably are Boalt/Standford/UCLA rejects and so have we all merely "ended up" at Hastings, no excitement for our institution. Afterall, it is 'our' institution now, from here on out we shall regard Hastings with Pride and Reverence...we graduated Thomas Messerau for the god sakes and if he doesn't scream integrity and pride, then I don't know what.


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