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Ruskiegirl is a man baby!

Re: Ruskiegirl is a man baby!
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This thread is all about law students needing to goad and boast under anonymity.  It's dumb - don't take the bait.  That said, the person goading us can't be blamed...the pressure of the system, the debt of law school, and the high school nature of judging our peers causes stuff like this.

Or I could be wrong - maybe the postor is just an arrogant jackass - in which case, they will always sink their own ship.  Lawyers always think they are smarter than everyone else; but if you cant conceal that self-aggrandizing mental disorder, you'll be loathed by your peers.

Get over yourself.  Even if you are top of your class, it doesn't mean you have a clue how to be happy in your personal life; often the one means the other is impossible.

That's not a comfort to anyone - it is better if we all ditch our egos and realize even if we are smarter than others, we all struggle through life dealing with the same philosophical questions and difficulty in understanding our purpose.

Actually, the valedictorians at my high school and college were both awesome people.  I tend to find it's the bitter non-achievers who aren't that happy.  Successful people, for the most part, are great.  I don't know about law school, though, since my school doesn't rank.

Re: Ruskiegirl is a man baby!
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Austin Powers? Is that you? Is that really you???

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Can't we all just get along?