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Has anyone else out there been admitted to McGeorge for the upcoming year?  I thought I would start a new discussion thread for admits. I applied to and was accepted in the evening division for the upcoming year....can't wait!   

I was admitted to the full-time day program for next year.  I haven't decided if I'm going there yet, though.

Congrats on your acceptance, though.  Are you pretty much decided that this is the school you'll be attending in the Fall?

Yes- McGeorge is the only school I applied to.  Sounds crazy, huh?  I own a home here in Sacramento and I am a paralegal at a great firm here with future opportunity, so it wasn't really up for debate where I would attend law school.  That being said, McGeorge is a great school and if you want to work and live in this area, most of the attorneys here went to McGeorge and it gives you an advantage in seeking a job.  If you decide to go to McGeorge and need any ideas about where to live, let me know.

the clash:
I was admitted to the full-time program as well, and will be mailing my confirmation next week.  The Dean's Scholarship money sealed the deal for me, but I probably would have gone anyways.  I didn't make it to either of the legal scholars days, but I'll be at the Law Day in April.  I sat in on Professor Pingree's 1L torts class at the beginning of the semester and was very impressed.  Everyone was very friendly and helpful, I look forward to attending McGeorge in the fall. 

 I am seriously considering McGeorge. I plan on visiting next month on my way back to MI (my flight from Hong Kong stops over in SF, so I figure it is worth checking out). What are your thoughts? Is Sacramento relatively affordable? Pretty decent rep for the school in the state? I am interested in working in the pacific northwest or mountain area after finishing (if I go to McGeorge); prospects are good I hope?


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