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audio tapes selection
« on: January 27, 2005, 01:51:33 PM »
I am a new student and trying to decide which series of audio tapes/CDs might help my study. The choices I am considering are Fleming, Gilbert, and Sun & Subtance. Can someone help me out with it? I was told that Fleming's are designed for baby/general bar, and so it's better to have them at least half way through the first year rather than at the beginning, e.g., before the finals/bar. Is that true? Any opinions on that statement? And, does anyone know whether the tape length of Fleming is much shorter than the length of the other two for each subject? I am wondering the same thing about Gilbert's Law School Legends Audio Series, meaning good for bar/final preparation, because I can get to it from Barbri website. I was told that S&S has more info in their tapes so it's better as study aids. But they are also the most expensive ones among these three. Any comments are appreciated.