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« on: January 17, 2005, 12:25:09 PM »
Ok.. I have a problem.  I applied and got accepted into a law school that starts tomorrow.  The problem is.. when I applied the addendum didn't get sent with my application.  Instead just the application was sent.  The addendum explained a semester that I was in law school previously and the circumstances in which caused me to withdraw.  I don't know what to do now.  I know that there can be great consequences if you don't disclose things on the application and later it is found out by the bar.  The bar of texas specifically asks for a copy of your law school application which would show a difference. 

What I think I should do is make an appointment with the Dean who is supposed to be who you meet with with any updates on your application.  It doesn't say anything about consequences the school is big on being noble and honest. 

Do you think I will be kicked out?  Do you think if I approach them with an honest mistake they will let me stay? 


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I would be honest because it would suck to get into school and then get kicked out some time later, after they found out or worse, you go through 3 years of law school and can't get admitted to the bar, but I would meet with someone personally instead of sending something in the mail.

But I would be nervous if I were you, I can't see how you can prove it was a "honest" mistake vs. a deliberate one.  That's a pretty critical piece of info to leave out of the application. 


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i haven't attended law schools yet but i can tell you that if speak personally to admisstions and find out on what basis they offered an admission. this way at least you'll be able to figure out whether if your addendum really did get to them or is it just your understanding they never received it. Obviously from then on, you should be able to figure out your next move....

good luck


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I would talk to an attorney... first. After that, you can both decide the best route to take.


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why was the addendum not sent?
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Most states have organizations that aid with bar issues like yours. Call the bar your applying to and they will probably put you in touch with an organization to advise you. Generally the background checks look for honestly and ethical behavior. I think you'll have to disclose your addendum to the school, but seriously doubt they'll kick you out unless there are terrible issues to overcome. good luck