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Con Law Puzzle

Con Law Puzzle
« on: January 14, 2005, 05:54:31 PM »
For those of you who are or have taken Con Law I pose a question.

We all know that Article 3 outlines the Judicial Branch and says that Supreme Court Justices have life tenure so long as they are in good behvior...but it never says any more than that, nor does it outline how or IF a supreme court justice can be impeached.  Article 2 says the President appoints Supreme Court justices but says nothing regarding thier removal.  And Article 1 outlines the impeachment process for the President, but not for anybody else.

So my question is Can a Supreme Court Justice be Impeached? 


Re: Con Law Puzzle
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2005, 01:04:15 AM »
Impeachment of federal judges is pretty rare.  Alcee Hastings is an impeached judge who comes to mind.  He was a Carter nominee to the bench and is currently a congressman from Florida (I think).

It seems like one of the reasons why Abe Fortas resigned was to avoid impeachment after it came out about the $20K payment he accepted, then returned to Time. ???