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future bar admittance question

future bar admittance question
« on: December 22, 2004, 09:58:23 PM »
I have a law school application/acceptance/future bar admittance question.

I have just been admitted to law school A. In my resume that I included with my application I stated that my current job title is X. More than a year ago I asked my previous supervisor (while I worked for my supervisor) if I could use title X on my resume, scholarship applications, and graduate school applications. My previous supervisor encouraged me to use title X, and so, I have used title X, although the human resources department would not consider my title to be X. Human resources would consider my title to be Y. I switched to a new Y position with my employer before I applied to law schools. I never asked my current supervisor if I could use title X instead of title Y, but I am sure my current supervisor would allow me to use title X (in fact I have two current supervisors and one of them did refer to me by title X). Using title X became second nature to me and I do not consider using title X to be a problem. Should I contact law school A and tell them about this? I do not want do adversely harm my offer of acceptance at law school A. I think law school A (or any other law school) would think that I am hiding something, which I am not. I just want to do the right thing. Should I write a letter to all my other law schools telling them about this? I am sometimes so meticulous and honest that I get all worked up. My family and friends tell me not to worry about anything and forget it. I Please let me know what you think the right thing for me to do is. Thank you.

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Re: future bar admittance question
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I think the bar examiners have better things to do with their time.