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Cannot wait!!!  This is kiling me!!!  No more mortgage companies ever!!!

Anyone up for a George's (famous bar/restaurant in Waco) trip before orientation?   ;D

George's is famous?  I think I noticed the billboard for the first time the other day after reading your post :D

As I posted on the Spring 2005 board, I invite everyone to drop by [blatant plug] the new Beatnix Coffee House at 19th and Lakeshore [/] for a get-together at lunchtime on February 5th, say. 

Yeah, it's even in a few country songs!  Well, maybe that doesn't make it famous... ;D

That sounds good to me.



--- Quote from: UMHBmom on January 14, 2005, 11:43:40 PM ---Hey, Evan.... thought the coffee shop wouldn't be open yet?? I'm all for a meet-up, but I think that with so many of us commuting it would be better to do it on the 4th.

--- End quote ---

Given the uncertainties of our opening, it's probably best to talk about meeting up at our enforced meet-up on the third (registration/orientation).

--- Quote from: UMHBmom on January 14, 2005, 11:43:40 PM ---Are you two talking about O'George's? That's the only bulletin board I remember ever seeing. ???

--- End quote ---

I've no idea, though the other half of my brain (i.e. Google) knows about a "George's" in Waco, but not an "O'George's".


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