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Finished with exams! Or, Is my life over?


So am I the only one that has repeated thoughts of, why am I here, what am I doing putting myself through this hell...and paying an arm and a leg for it?  And now that exams are finally over (and maybe my life, too), I sit here and wonder, will I get that dreaded letter in the mail, inviting me to the special class?  Or will they not even bother, giving up on my completely?  Then, in my manic phase I think, wait, I'm smart, maybe I actually did well!  The Horror!  The Horror!   :o

I feel like I failed. If I even got a D that would be failing because I would be on academic probation and I can't see how an employer would want to hire someone with a D or D's.  So I am wondering what I am going to do in February if I have to drop out.  I have a lease and know the apt. complex won't let me out of it.  So I would have to try to get a job really fast.  What sucks is having to wait until February to find out. 

Boxergirl: guys need to take a chill pill.  do you honestly believe that your exam answers were not better than ANYONE in your class?  if your school grades on a curve, as mine does, only a certain percentage gets A'a, only a certain percentage gets below a C or C- and the rest are in between...i personally don't believe that i'm one of those few As...however, when i think back to some of the IDIOTS in my classes, i feel a sense of relief, b/c i am making a not-so-far-reaching presumption that those are the ones who get below a C-.


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