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NIU is my first choice


Hello all.  Northern Illinois is my first choice.  It is a fine school, and I will not be in debt up to my eyeballs when I graduate.  I applied in late October with my crappy 147 LSAT.  I only hope that my MA in Political Science (3.33 GPA), and my status as a former US Marine and current EPA cop help out.  Anybody else looking at NIU, drop me a line.  You can't beat the price and the location.  Chi-Town is close, and you can do a lot worse than Illinois IMO.

Semper Fi.

I applied there, U of I, and 10 other schools. If I don't get into U of I, I will most likely end up there. I'll be staying in Illinois, will probably get money from NIU, and you're right- you can't beat the price! I try not to pay much attention to the snobs on this board. If I go to NIU i won't have stifling debt to deal with when I get out....I'll get the same job, regardless of where I go to school, and I'll be able to travel, etc. Good luck! Let me know if you hear anything from them:

I did my undergrad at NIU and i am applying there for law school.  NIU has a great law school and it is a great price.  The law school is across the street from th commons, student center, and library.  It has its own library which is pretty cool.  Neptune east which is a residence hall in the middle of campus super close to the law school ( across the commons) has the 1st floor dedicated to law students.  I wish i would have done my grad work at NIU that way i could have done a joint degree program but i decided to go somewhere else for my masters.  Honestly, i wouldn't mind going back to dekalb for law school.

I'm in at Northern! I e-mailed them to make sure my file was complete and to get an estimate of when i should expect a decision. They e-mailed back and told me to call them because they 'can't give decisions over e-mail'. I called and they said I was in! I'm supposed to get my packet in less than a week. What a relief!!!

very cool!  Congrats!!

i called them earlier this afternoon and the just said my app was complete and to call in a couple of weeks b4 the holidays and they might have a decision.  it sucks being a "borderline" candidate.

once again congrats!!


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