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Help Needed- To ID States with Due Course Rules for Student Loans

I need some help researching state law.  I'm trying to identify which states allow student loan debtors to assert as defense against repayment actions against loan originators or successors under the FTC Holder-In-Due-Course Rule 16 C.F.R. 433.2(a) (1988).

So far I've identified the following:

Appear to allow:


 GA (Bartels v. Alabama Commercial College, US Ct. of Appeals, 11th circuit, No. 94-8607, 1995)

 OH (LaPoint v. Secretary of Educ, No. C-3-93-56 (S.D. Ohio filed Dec. 21, 1994))

 DC (Armstrong v. Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training Inc, Supreme Ct, 99-395)



Can anyone help verify these an identify other states?  I would like to know what the status is in all 50 if possible.

Thanks everyone. 

Re: Question on States with Due Course Rules for Student Loans
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Would any 2nd year or higher students like to reseach this as a short paid project?  If so please email me at  Please include an estimate of how many hours you think it would take, pay rate requirements, where you are attending, year and attach a resume.  Thanks.