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Anyone out there with recommended readings prior to matric.?


--- Quote from: mercutio_13 on November 18, 2004, 01:04:10 PM ---Anyone out there with recommended readings prior to matric.?

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Yes, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is a particularly good summer read.  ;) Seriously, take the time off and don't worry too much about reading something law-related.  I definitely think you will be better served if you wait until school starts and figure out what angle your professor is going to take on the topic, which topics he will focus on and which he will exclude. 

As a current 1L, I do not regret not having read "supplements" over the summer and can see no particular benefit gained by students who did such reading. 

It's up to you and if you will be trembling and weak in the knees unless you read something law-related over the summer, then try something fairly light, like the Examples and Explanations series.  However, I only recommend doing so if you absolutely need it as a security blanket.

What about reading one of the textbooks you'll be using?



--- Quote from: mercutio_13 on November 18, 2004, 01:04:10 PM ---Anyone out there with recommended readings prior to matric.?

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The summer before 1L I read everything I could get my hands on...I particularly enjoyed Law101...and "Acing Your First Year of Law School" but, to be perfectly honest, nothing really prepared me for school. I was always pretty frustrated at the vagueness of the books with regard to what law school was really like. I should have relaxed more...and if I could do it again, I wouldn't read anything.

I finally decided that the only way to find out...was to actually start...and now looking back at all the reading...nothing really prepared me...EXCEPT that I got the message that I would be doing a lot of reading...and to not take it lightly. Don't get behind in reading...that was the biggie. I also remember reading about how to brief cases, but I eventually developed my own style...but I did use some of the recommendations in the book.

Oh, and I watched the movie The Paper Chase...but it didn't scare me because I naturally assumed it was dramatized for effect. Many say it's not and they base it on the experience they had or are having as a 1L.

I remember reading about the different areas of law, Torts in particular, and remember that much of it didn't make sense, as far as, where it fits in with the big picture of the I do understand it, but also now realize why it didn't make much sense then.



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