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'Distance Learning' = TTT trickery

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That's right, 'distance learning' is nothing more than a TTT trick to steal your money. Don't fall for these TTTs in disguise- if it's not ABA accredited it is a pile of *&^% and there's no way around that. If it is an "online" or "distance" education, you might as well save the money and just watch Judge Judy all day.


What is your " opinion " based on?  Are all distance schools like this in your " opinion "?  Later, Prolodoc

My "opinion" is based on the fact that none of these douchebags get jobs when they graduate. It's not accident that these TTTs have 30 bar passage rates, terrible job placement and 26K median salaries.

Is this based on current data?  Are you currently in law school, and where, if I might ask?  Later and thanks, Prolodoc

yes; yes; univ. minnesota- twin cities


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