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READ if you live in Michigan!!!

READ if you live in Michigan!!!
« on: October 31, 2004, 09:46:40 AM »
I'm sure you all have heard of Proposal One by now (via commercials, advertisements mailed to you, etc.)  Well make sure you all vote "YES" on Proposal One.

In case you know nothing about it except our crooked Governor Granholm mentioning "schools" and "kids" then here's a little synopsis.

IF YOU VOTE "NO" (this is what Governor Granholm & the other sleezy Michigan politicians want) then that means that they can expand casino gambling (10+ casinos) which will in turn take money away from our schools, healthcare, etc.  We will be left with roughly 5 or 6% of money for school.

AND ALSO, if we vote "NO" then we are giving are right up to ever vote on something like this again!! This vote will stand as iS.  There are no more extra "chances" OR another opportunity to vote again on something like this.  Once these SLEEZY politicans have their way, you know there's NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!!