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I am going to agree with Numitor I doubt Whittier wants to give their students bad grades and kick them out or have really bad grades and scare employers off. I am pretty sure the curve at almost every law school is difficult and Generally the person that complains about the way the ball bounces is the one that dropped it.  I am sure Whittier, Southwestern, UCLA, USC, Loyola, Pepperdine and any other school in L.A. has a steep grading curve that is just law school and shocking as it is 50% of the incoming class will finish at the bottom 50%.

Top schools like Yale and Harvard won't want to give out "D"s and "F"s. How would that look? It's obviously harder to get into those schools, but it makes sense that they wouldn't want their students to be flunking out.

Most law schools put you on academic probation/warning at 2.0 and will deem you ineligible to return or not in good academic standing if you fall below 1.8. Whittier drops you and disqualifies you if your CGPA falls below a 2.5-- period.

It seems Whittier should raise their admissions standards to achieve their ranking goals. Instead, they admit most applicants, offer many scholarships, take their 1L tuition, then drop the bottom half in hopes that the top half has a "better chance" of passing the bar and raising the bar passage rate.

There are still distinguished professors and respectable programs, but just because Whittier is a 4th tier school, that doesn't make it any easier; trust me. 

Are you still there then?


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