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I said this over on the general discussion board pls thread, but I think the LEEWS strategy is a great place to start.  I bought the tapes on E-bay for 80.00 including shipping.  I would suggest that you need to do the exercises not just passively listen.  At the very least I was not panicked because I had a plan on my first exams.  I got very good results in 4 of my classes and pretty sorry ones in 2 others.  But I think LEEWS keyed me into the fact that I had to develop a plan and a strategy for each class according to the material and the professor.  We have year long courses, so I was also able to discuss my midterms with each professor.  I ended up doing very well, so I'd say LEEWS is a decent place to start.

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I just got my 1st semester grades back, and I am satisfied with my performance.  I used the LEEWS method for my Contracts exam (only essay exam I had) and I made a B+!!!  This is good for me, considering I only spent 1 day studying for the exam, memorized the elements of a contract and the elements of different remedies, and went in there with my LEEWS-style "toolkit" in my head (it was closed book) and my creativity.  I made no Cs, so I won't get my money back! I believe this method is a sound way to organize your essays.  Now "Getting to Maybe" tells you WHAT TO SAY, how to analyze, how to weigh in on different sides of an argument in a lawyerly way.  You can't improve your analysis skills based on the LEEWS method (even though he talks about it and gives examples), but I really do believe you have to start with organizing your knowledge of Black-letter law in the way he describes.

I have a "performance improvement plan" which includes on-going LEEWS-style toolkit building (not only the day before) that sets my goal at 1/2 grade better in every class.  I still have 3 semesters to hit that 3.5 (I'm at a 3.2 right now) so that I can make it into law review.  Wish me luck!

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I am selling a brand new LEEWS.  I paid $135.00 in September but am now selling it for $70 plus S&H.  PLease email me if you are interested.  The set is brand new and has never been used.  I decided to go to graduate school instead of law school. 

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I wasted $135.00 on LEEWS last fall.  You can get better info for free from   

The problem with LEEWS is that it is poorly organized (the material) and very longwinded. It consists of 6 CDs, a 100+ page booklet, and 40 or so loose handouts. Also, it only provides 5 or 6 practice exams and you do 3 of them in the program, leaving only 3 exam hypos to work on.

If I were you, I would follow the advice on and just practice all you can on old exams. 

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if you don't know what to do with your money go ahead and buy LEEWS