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ok, i gotta say... BC health insurance ROCKS


so, i was expecting some craptastic health plan through the school... you know, something like where there was a $5000 deductible and only covered emergencies.

but i went to the doctors the other day and here was the tab:

doc's visit: $10
x-ray: FREE!!
mri: FREE!!

also, a prescription that cost $50 every three months through my old health plan only costs $5 through this health plan. in fact, every prescription only costs $5!

how cool is all that?!

i was talking to a friend who is getting his phd at stanford and he said that he pays twice what we pay and says that his plan covers barely anything.

bc's plan does not cover women's issues though and that is horrible.  it does not cover annual pap exams whhich is ridiculous. i know htey don't cover birthcontrol but a pap smear. c'mon.

anyway did you need some kind of id or something to use it?

no ID... but i did have to call up the provider (koster, i think) and get my ID number. i think we get all the insurance cards tomorrow.

sorry to hear about the women's issues... im VERY surprised about the birthcontrol!

in accourdance with the catholic way :)


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