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Re: JJ at NSL
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who cares if you go or not, BUT I CANT BLAME YOU.  nobody on this board talks about anything worthwhile.  oooohhhh wowwww mr. lewis made a 180 on his lsat  ooooohhhhhhhh  neato!  an urban myth that would thrill most 6th graders.  for you budding lawyers, theres nothing 'substantive' going on here.

and by the way, who cares what anybody else thinks about the nashville school of law.  if anyone has an inferiority complex, then leave.  we can make just as much money as those other nitwits from vandy, ut, or memphis.

and if anyone from those schools, or anyone from an 'ivy league' school thinks their institution is better or so great, why don't you tak a look at the list of people getting censured or disbarred this month and let me know what school they went to.

aba or not, if you're an idiot, it will show no matter what school you went to.


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Re: JJ at NSL
« Reply #211 on: January 18, 2005, 10:01:41 AM »
Carbolic, why do you think nobody talks about anything worthwhile....what do you want to talk about? Throw something out there.....