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for those who care, just wanted to let you know that bally's is pretty cheap right now (even cheaper than the BC gym, i tihnk). i put $50 down (which includes the 1st month's payment) and my monthy payment will be like $26.

the gym is in brighton (like 10 minutes from BC), right next to the New Balance outlet. For those into weights, the gym is good, not great, but infinitely better than BC. for those into cardio, its a paradise.

if anyone thinks that they are going to sign up, let me know so you can put me down as a reference :)

I am also planning on joining bally's... i have not looked into it myself yet, but from what I hear, if you sign a 2 year committment, then it is comparable in price to BC's gym, and a whole lot nicer... plus, my apartment is like 5 min drive away.... how long did you sign up for? or are you paying month by month?

hmmm... we must be neighbors then seeing as im 5 min away as well :) where are you in relation to brighton center? im like a 20 second drive up chestnut hill ave (going towards comm ave). im right next to the sutherland T stop on comm ave (on the B line).

i signed up for 3 years but here's the deal: you can always transfer your membership to another ballys w/o paying a fee. and if you move somewhere where there isn't a ballys within 25 miles, then they will let you cancel your memberhsip without any problem. so, since my parents live way up in maine, if i want to cancel ill just have one of my credit card bills sent there. then all i have to do is show ballys the address on the bill and they will let me out of my membership. of course, all this is even assuming that i want to cancel before the 3 years is up.

glad to hear that someone else is joining bally's, btw!

That's a pretty good deal that you can transfer your membership... and I'm from NY, and there are plenty of Bally's there, so signing up for three years is no big deal.... esp since i'm planning on being in brighton for 3 years.  I actually don't really know where I am in relation to everything. (I like a min away from where washington st and comm ave intersect).  I haven't moved up yet, but I have been picking the brain of one of my roommates-to-be and she told me that ballys is 5 mins away... So i guess we'll be gym buddies:)... and your in section 2 as well, right?

yeah... section 2 till someone kicks me out :)


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