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BC class schedule for next year's 1L fall semester

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ok, so here is what the 1L schedule is going to look like this fall:

M                  Tu                  W               Th                  F
                     9-10:05                             9-10:05
10-11:05                         10-11:05                         10-11:05

2-3:05          2-3:05           2-3:05       2-3:05           2-3:05

ALSO: the LRWW sections (there are 6 of them) will be at the following times:

M: 11:15 or 12:15
T, Th: 10:15 or 11:15 (same time both days)

I have to say that I am a bit pissed off.  They are making it virtually impossible for BC students to buy their books online.  We will not get our section assignments until mid-August.... yet, these are "preliminary" assignments.  As different professors use different books for their classes, you can't buy your books for cheaper on-line, because you might end up needing different ones.  But you can, of course, return books if you bought them from the BC bookstore.  That is such a scam.  It totally forces us to buy all our books at BC bookstore for fear that our sections might be switched. Arg! Does anyone else feel this way?  Am I missing something, or is this really what they are doing?  My friends at other law schools already know what books they will need, without fearing that their sections will be changed.... What's BC's reasoning for keeping us in the dark if not to maximize revenue for their bookstore?

yeah, i was thinking the same thing. at this point, though, im planning on seeing so much debt when i graduate another hundred here or there just doesnt get me all worked up. i think maybe second semester it will be easier to buy books online since everyone will already know what section they are in. im going to give bc the benefit of the doubt and assume that there is just still a lot of confusion about who is going to be showing up for the first day of class and who isnt so they cant really finalize all this stuff. at the very least, though, you could buy the books for the LRWW class online. im gonna stop into the book store next week (a week from monday) and see how big a savings it will be to buy some of the stuff on line. ill let u know what i find out.

hey eee- how did you figure out those times? I got the package from BC about orientation and stuff, and it said classes this fall would be from 9-3:05, but that was it- how did you figure it out?

well, i was VERY bored last night and if you log into agora you can look at class listings for the upcoming semester (for the entire college... not just the law school). the course numbers are listed in the little packet that they sent us. i just drew up the schedule for each section. as it turns out, the class times are the same for all 3 sections... its only the classes that change (eg, one section might have torts at 10:15 and the other might have property).


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