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BC 2006, please answer:
Thank you for your post on the other thread.  It was extremely helpful in alleviating anxiety.

Do you use the facilities on the Newton or main campus?  What is the difference between the two?

Thanks again!


Basically the law school has its own campus separate from the undergrad and other graduate school students.  The only overlap is that the undergrad freshman dorms happen to be on the Newton campus, so you'll see them around in the cafeteria and stuff.  The two campuses are about a mile away from each other and have a free shuttle that goes back and forth between the two.  I think I went to main campus twice this entire year.  I had to pick up my parking pass and insurance card there once, and the law school used one of the auditoriums for a show.  The law school has its own parking, library, cafeteria, career services, study lounge, etc., which are all really nice, so there is really no need to go to main campus unless you really want to. Law students have access to the main campus gym for a fee, which is cheaper than any gym in the area, so you might decide to use that.  Other than that, the law school is pretty separated from the rest of BC, which isn't such a bad thing.   

Hope that helps.  Let me know if you have any other questions!

hey bc2006,
well since you said that you only went to the main campus twice last year im assuming that you didnt use bc's gym. i was wondering what other people you know did... did they go to the bc gym or did they join a private one?

i ask because i stopped in to check out the bc gym last week and i have to say, i was VERY disappointed! the place is a disgrace! the ENTIRE weight room is about the size of my living room! there is a decent amount of cardio stuff, but there are just about no weights. ive heard rumors that there is a small gym in one of the dorms on the newton campus; is this true?

I actually did use the BC gym last year.  I meant I only went to main campus twice for other stuff.  I agree with you that its pretty awful.  There are no TVs, and there are limits of 30 minutes for most of the cardio machines.  It can get really crowded at peak times too, so there is sometimes a wait for machines.  The nice things about it are that it is really cheap for law students.  I think I paid like $275 for the whole year or something.  You can use the pool, tennis courts, and the other facilities, and it has the indoor track, which none of the other gyms in the area have. 

I'm not rejoining the main gym this year though, and will hopefully find another gym, which isnt too expensive.  When I was looking for gyms last year, I looked at the oak square YMCA, which is really nice and is $56/month and the Bally's in Brighton, which is really nice and cheap ($30/month).  The problem with Bally's was that they make you sign up for a 3 year commitment, and its a little farther from the law school, and since I knew I would be moving around throughout the 3 years I wasn't sure I would always be close.  A few of my friends belong to the Beacon Hill Athletic Club and Boston Healtworks, but I think those are more expensive ~$70/month.  It also sort of depends on where you plan on living. 

There is a little law school gym, but it was under renovation all of last year, so I never got a chance to see what they did with it.  It's REALLY small, and I have a feeling its going to be like a treadmill and a basketball court or something, and maybe some freeweights, but I doubt it will be anything to write home about.  I could be wrong though.  It's definitely worth checking out before signing up anywhere else.   

great, thanks... ill probably check out ballys and see how much it is.

one more question for you: on average, how many cases would you have to brief each night?


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