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Are the official practice LSAT tests very close to the actual in difficulty?


I asked you guys this and not the LSAT board, because you guys have taken the test and many people on the other board are speculating. I took the GMAT and the offical/ historical tests for practicing were much less difficult.

Also, coud anyone recommend the best books to study LSAT. Several GMAT books were way off base. I don't want to make that mistake again.


The official practice LSATs are ACTUAL LSATS which were administered in prior years.
The test is given 4 times a year.  There are something like 43 prep tests so far which equals about 10 years worth of tests.


In my opinion, the LSAT gets harder with time.  So when using the real LSAT tests from years back, keep in mind, that your score may be lower on current tests.  I found that I did the best on the oldest tests I took.  There were games sections on the old tests, that were a joke they were so easy.

To concur, the practice LSAT are actual test, just older.  I agree that it is best to practice with the newest ones, to best match the current level of difficulty.  Also make sure you get the book that says ACTUAL LSAT, there are lots of similiations, e.g. Peterson's,


They are the same. I used them and when I took the LSAT I scored better than I had on any of the practice tests. Even though I scored better, I didn't feel that the real test was easier than the practice tests or vice versa.