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BU Apartment Available
« on: July 23, 2004, 04:56:45 PM »
Hi all Ė

If anyone plans on going to BU this year and still needs a place to live, this may be for you: there are two rooms available in my old apartment.  The apartment is perfect for BU law students.  Itís just 7 minutes walk to the school, and itís right on the T for trips downtown.  Itís in a good neighborhood too Ė with a couple bars and restaurants, a big movie theatre, grocery store, staples, etc.

Everyone is moving out except for my roommate Chris.  Heís a 2004 BU law grad who will be working as a judicial clerk.

The rent is $1066 per month.  Itís a little pricey, but youíll save loads of time not having to take the T in from Allston / Brighton.  Thereís free laundry here and thereís no realtorís fee.  Itís a nice building with hardwood floors, a massive fridge, etc.  There is lots and lots of space.

If youíre interested, thereís more information at the link below.  Act fast because Chris is off to Ireland after the bar exam and he needís to get people sorted out quickly.  I know the fact that BU starts in late August often creates a problem with all these Sept. 1 leases.  We can probably work something out where you can move in early though.

More (and pictures) at: