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The college you went to important? HELP :)


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The college you went to important? HELP :)
« on: July 16, 2004, 11:38:11 PM »
How important is the college you attend for undergrade education when it comes to law school admissions? Specifically  at top school such as Stanford, Harvard or Yale? I am still in high school, but suppose I don't attend the highest caliber of institution, lets say its a UC like Santa Cruz or Davis, will I still have a chance at one of those schools? (btw, I'm planning n majoring in political science or sociology. is one of those a good major to prepare me for law school?)

 I have heard in the past many times that highly selective law schools generally will take into account the college u went too,, and weight it as important as your grades and LSAT score. Does that have any truth to it whatsoever?

BTW, what else do these schools look for in the JD law students the admit? Obviously good grades, good LSAT scores, but do they put much emphasis on volunteer work or spiffy internships?