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forgetting to mention a foreign graduate program


forgetting to mention a foreign graduate program
« on: July 14, 2004, 05:34:21 AM »
Is it dangerous to conveniently forget to tell LSDAS and law schools about a foreign graduate program that I did not complete?  I started a M.A. program in Europe straight out of undergrad.  I was also working as a journalist at the time.  I did one semester - did OK.  Then, during the 2nd semester, I was offered a full-time position at a magazine, and I just stopped going to school.  It was too late to withdraw so I assume I just got incompletes that turned into Fs. 

If this was my only issue, I'd mention it on the app.  But I also f-ed up my first 1.5 year of school - 1.1 GPA.  Then, from then on I had a 3.9, and I have a high LSAT.

So I have a shot at good schools if they overlook my first 1.5 years - I don't want to put 2 F-ups on my app. 

I probably sound like an unethical bastard, but I want to be a juevenille public defender.  So I'm not that bad.  Although I have no idea how to correctly spell juevenille. 

Also, my parents paid my tuition for the school.  This may mean I can't apply for aid or loans because it'll show up on the reports that if I have to turn my parents' financial records.  Ahhh!