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« on: July 11, 2004, 09:11:10 PM »
Stillundecided, you can believe what you want. I already stated that I was not trying to be rude. Honestly, your post did sound like it could be a prank. I don't know anyone who is interested in law who does not know the answers to the basic questions that you asked. And, some people don't have a life and enjoy posting fake questions on boards like this.  I had no way of knowing that you had attempted to contact your advisor or had done any research. I am not the only one who replied to your post who suggested you research these questions on your own. It appeared that we all assumed that you had not done your research. Also, I had no way of knowing that you planned to pursue a bachler's degree in nursing. You can become a nurse with only an associates degree, and I assumed that this is what you planned to do based on your reference to community college.  And, contrary to your belief, I think quite a bit of nurses. My mom has been a nurse for 30 years, but she would say that her career requires less research and analytic skills than a career in law.  But in the end, believe what you want. You can assume that I was purposefully trying to be rude. You can assume that nursing requires the same amount of research and analytic skills as law. You can assume anything you want. Good luck.

"ASU girl you dont need to be so rude..

What do you mean pranks?...someone must not have a life to have a prank like this, and as far as me seeking out informatin for myself I do do that,Ive emailed the advisor but they're on vacation and got an auto response that they will get back to me whenever they are available. Thats why I thought I would be able to find clear and correct information coming from people who have experienced what I am looking for or are experiencing it now, didnt know I was going to run into someone so arrogant as yourself.

But thanks for assuming that I have no initiative or interest, choosing a career is  HUGE deal for me right now...Every website I go to is not very clear on their information, not to mention I've been told numerous different things about all kinds of careers by other people to come to find out it isnt true.

Nursing also involves research and analytic skills, in fact it takes a whole team of CNA's, RN's, NP's, and doctors to take care of patients. But thanks for acting like nursing was easier, and I do plan on going four years to get my BSN in nursing then going further to become a NP.

God help you ASU girl when a client needs help, im sure they wont be asking questions in a scientific manner. You cant even help someone with a simple answer without being rude, how are you going to help someone in court when they need help from you>?...heh

Oh and next time your ill, go to a lawyer to help you get better...because obviously nursing fields just arent good enough."