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Anyone here going to SMU Law?  Or am I wasting my time? Post if you are, and what you think of the school.  Also post whether or not you have moved yet.

As for me, I'm going back to SMU after doing undergrad there.  I like the school; some of the people are a little snotty, but ignore them and you'll do yourself a big favor. There was no need for me to move, I've been in the area most of my life.

Others feedback will be more than welcome.  Ask me questions, if you want . . . as far as Dallas, campus life, etc. 

I just finished my first year at SMU Dedman, and am now about to begin my first year in the Cox MBA progam as a JD/MBA student. I can answer any JD related questions about first year life at SMU if anyone has any.


I got my registration package in the mail a few days ago.  How early did you start to work on your assignments?  Also, there was a little disclaimer about the courses -that they can change your schedule up until the last day of orientation.  Did this happen to anyone you knew?

Also, I know that people have different study habits, but I am used to studying about 70-80 hrs/wk.(I worked really hard in undergrad.) Will this be enough for law school? How much on average did you study?I realize that the type of studying will be different, but I would think that this (being almost half of the time in a week, in addition to classes) would be enough. Thanks in advance for your response.

Im really interested in SMU but Im a little affraid I wont get in.  I have 157, but I have a 3.9 with two majors (Econ and Int Business) and a spanish minor.  Anyway, anyone know anything about there international law classes.  Thanks.

Just wanted to add this to my "unread." Looks like I will be going to SMU this year. Any apartment suggestions?


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