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Top 14 Transfer Questions - Penn/GULC/??


Transferring from a low T1 School (high 40s), in the top 10% of my class.  So far, I'm in at GULC and Penn, waiting on other top 5 schools. Debating between Penn and GULC. (ANY THOUGHTS?) Also, anyone know if you can put deposits in at multiple schools at the same time?

I assume deposits work the same way they did the first time around.  That is, you can throw away as much money as you'd like keeping your options open.  Ultimately, you can only attend one school, but you can give deposits to all of them.

When I was entering as a 1L, I think I had paid deposits to 3 schools while waiting on my waitlist status at others.

el p:
I'll be at a 40ish school this fall and may consider transferring...advice?

Is it basically based on 1L grades?  Or do they still look at GPA/LSAT?


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