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Has anyone tried to communicate with admissions lately?

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Has anyone tried to contact the admissions office lately with any questions?   Are they good at responding?  I'm getting a little anxious, so I emailed them with some questions.  No response yet, but I only emailed them yesterday.  I have a little too much free time right now, so I'm driving myself crazy obsessing over minor details, but I don't want to have to scramble at the last minute.

For example:

Does the school have lockers available for 1L's?  (I can't remember from my visit)
Does the school recommend any specific configurations for laptops?
Will there be any discounts available through the school for computer purchase?
Do we have to submit any medical records? Final transcripts?  When?

That's all I can think of for now. 

I just received a response to my email, so to answer my own question: yes, they are good at responding.

We will be receiving information in mid-July explaining recommended specs for computers, and there will probably be purchase discounts.

Every student is assigned a locker.

For students commuting by car, bad news.  The parking lot next to the school is closing in fall.  This is a problem for me because I will be driving in from NJ.  I guess I'll have to make a trip in and scout around for another lot.  Between this and the school's impending move to Wall Street, I'm getting very concerned about the commutation issue.  Public transportation from where I live is very limited.


Hey--Did they say anything about immunization records, transcripts or diploma copies?? I may call later today and try to find out. Thanks for letting everyone know they got back to you. I didn't think they are moving to Wall Street for a few years? Has that changed??

They didn't say anything about medical or transcripts,but I think that will all be forthcoming in mid-July.  If you find out anything in the meantime, please share  :).

When I visited the school, they said we'd be in the new location for the Spring 05 semester.

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Final transcripts are due as soon as possible, preferably by July and I don't remember how I found out.  I had my undergraduate send mine already, just to get it over with.  They are sending us a form that needs to be filled out for immunizations in July, but it has to be in by July as well, not August (because I specifically asked if I had until early August, but I don't).

Btw...I have not heard one word about relocating, this is the first.  Have there been any letters, articles, web postings about this?


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