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new michigan law students living in lawyers club?

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That's not too long ago...the avg. age is 24/25, right?  So that means there will be a lot of people not coming straight from college.  English and Psychology were my majors.  How about you?  Oh yeah...I just replied to you on another post about long-dist. relationships  :-\

Haven't heard from Penn or UVA yet.  I am starting to lose hope after seeing how common waitlisting is...there may be hundreds of people before me.  I'm planning to drive to Michigan because I'll have to move some stuff out there.  Are you driving?  Also, are you planning on having a car there?  I would like to, but I'm not sure how to go about getting a parking permit if that's even possible.  ttyl  :)

Wow,15 hours.  WHen are you bringing your stuff to your parents' house? You're probably right about not needing a car but there is something crippling about not having one.  What if I have a nervous breakdown and need to get out of there?  I guess I'll just walk away, really fast.  Also, there are a few little breaks in the schedule of about 4 days and there's one in Feb. for 10 days.  I would love to be able to go home or drive to my sister's (she's 4 hours away). 

Taking a break before school seems like a good idea.  I'm working a lot now and I'm going to quit both jobs by August 1st.  My sister will be living in Alpena, MI when she and her husband close on a house.  I never thought we'd both be living in MI.  That's nice to have a place in Chicago to go for breaks since we get quite a few short breaks.  I'm procrastinating but I guess I should call and ask about parking permits on Monday.

aah! I keep getting my post deleted. 
I haven't heard from Penn.  I'm not sure what would happen with the LC lease...if I can't break it, I'll go to UM because I can't afford to lose that much $.  At this point, I'm just thinking like I'm going to UM b/c most waitlists are just polite rejections from what I hear/read.  I'm not even sure I'd be happier at Penn because UM seems great.  The only thing that makes me think twice about Penn/UVA is my relationship which is important to me.  I wish I knew what was going on for sure b/c I talked to my suitemate at UM and she seems cool.  I should just go to UM and be happy I'm in there!


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