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new michigan law students living in lawyers club?

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Any new Michigan law students living in the lawyers club?? Talk to me!  ;D :D :)

I'm from Monroe Township, NJ...u? 

no, i'm going to send it in tomorrow.  i think i'd be happy at michigan, but i'm still on waitlists to UVA and UPenn.  i've never visited umich and i've seen and loved the other two schools.  did you send yours in?  and what type of room do you have?  i have a double you know if that means that each person gets their own bedroom but shares a study...or if everything is shared?

I wanted to go to visit, but both of those weekends I had track meets.  Looking back, I should have gone anyway.  I would go to UVA if i had the choice...waitlists don't look very promising because there were so many applicants this year.  They probably have more than enough people already.  I'm pretty sure I'll end up at Michigan.  What's your name?  And do you have any idea what type of law you want to get into?

Good guess! ;) Int. Law seems interesting..  I'm not sure what kind of law yet...I was planning on Environmental, but people have told me that you work more with real estate than anything else :-\  I just finished undergrad. at Rutgers this May.  How about you?


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