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have you all given any thought to what computer you are going to buy? what do you think about the ones they are offering through the bc bookstore?

as for what computer to buy, I'm def going with the one they are selling through the bookstore... I personally know little about computers, so buying the computer through the school will ensure that I will have the required software, etc.  I know that some operating systems are not compatable with "examsoft" (i think thats what its called).  So, if you want to take your exams on a computer, make sure your LAPTOP is compatable their stuff.  Plus, the IBMs come with a slight discount.  If, however, you know a lot about computers, then I would go with least-cost, b/c I don't think it matters much...  Def. get a warranty tho!

Does anybody know when they are sending us our class schedules and system passwords?

system passwords were mailed out already i got mine yesterday but i am in state so you may get yours in a day or two.

you get class schedules i think at orientation or slightly before. but i think first year classes are scheduled monday - friday between the hrs of 9 - 3:05.


which ibms are you talking about?  the bookstore uses dells so i am a little bit confused. seemed like they used ibms last year?

i want an ibm i have heard nothing but good so i think i may be swinging that way on the laptop purchase.

it seems like the laptops that they are offering through the school are a VERY good deal. as much as i hate dell computers, i think the price and the full warranty (where even if i break it they fix it) might force me to go with the BC comps.

my other option is to get a "custom" computer though a company in cambridge. id definitely be better quality, but wouldnt come with the complete warranty...

hmmm... too many choices...


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