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thanks bc2006! 

the reputed collegial environment is part of what made bc law so attractive to me and it is good to hear firsthand that the rumors are true :)

on average, approximately how many hours/day did you study during your 1L?

what are you (or most of your fellow students) doing for work this summer?


everything you have heard about BC being different than other law schools is totally, 100% true.  i have friends who attended other schools including Penn, NYU, georgetown, ND, GW, etc. and all of them were pretty miserable all last year, and while my year wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination, I was definitely not miserable!  Everyone is really willing to work together and help each other out, and having some sort of social life is very important to the other students too.  I made some really great friends this year, and had my fair share of fun.

i would say my average day would be class from 10:00-3:00 (with lunch in the middle), then i would usually go to the library until about 5:30-6:00.  i would go to the gym, go home, eat dinner, and then do another hour or so of work.  i still watched all my favorite tv shows (im a little addicted!), and was able to maintain a long distance relationship through it all. 

about 2-3 weeks before finals, I would say I was in the library most of the time, and that's when I felt the most miserable, but for the most part, my days were pretty balanced and my weekends were somewhat free.

This summer I am working in the office of general counsel for a health system, which I'm really loving.  My friends are all doing very different things.  Some are working for firms, others are working with professors or with the clinic through the school.  some are doing direct service work (legal aid).  some are doing clerkships. Some are at DAs offices. I would say the majority of people are working for non-profits or the government.  BC has a great program through their public interest law foundation where if you do public interest work during your first or second year summer, you can apply for a summer stipend of $3500.  its not a lot of money, but its better than working completely for free, and it pays the rent. 

hope that helps.  let me know if you want to know anything else. 

More with the laptop stuff:

Dell is running a deal where you can get $750 off any inspiron laptop over $1500. For a grand total of $889 shipped, I got a PentiumM 1.6, 1.5gb of ram, 80 gig hd, cdrw/dvd+/- burner, integrated wireless, etc.

My advice is to make sure you get winXP pro, home is just not friendly with multiple networks.


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