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Re: Desperate for good advice
« Reply #10 on: June 14, 2004, 11:23:33 AM »
rainmkr07 - i am not saying that at cardozo or hofstra its 6 figures or 50k-  there are opportunities in the middle. But once you are not focusing on big law- lots of other factors come into play besides your GPA. There are jobs in the middle- 50-85k. My point was that once you are out of the big law picture- they will look at lots of other factors too- nothing is guaranteed. Right now the market sucks and there are a few thousand lawyers graduating in NY each year- and if you are not in NYU/Cornell/Columbia- you must be in top 10 to have good job security- otherwise- you got to think outside the box and boost that resume.

no- kid was born b4 law school- i am just freekin out because things are not turning out at all as I had expected.


Re: Desperate for good advice
« Reply #11 on: June 24, 2004, 03:54:48 PM »

Yes, the economy is as bad as you describe. There are plenty of people at top ten law schools who can't find decent work either. The main problem is not the overall economy, which is showing some signs of improving, but rather the fact that the system is vastly oversaturated with qualified attornies.

Having read your original post, however, my question is what your goals are (and were) with respect to law school? Did you attend law school because you love reading law and doing research and writing? Or did you simply have an unrealistic expectation of "success" and salary?

My advice would be if you love the law so much that you can't see yourself doing anything else, then keep going. Even if you're making $60-80K/yr. you'll still be happy with your work. (And the debts won't overwhelm you.) If you don't love legal work, however, then no salary would be worth the amount of work involved. In that case, I would urge you to do what you love. Life is too short to do otherwise.