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Patent Law / Engineering
« on: May 17, 2004, 08:52:18 PM »
Hello everyone,

I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan and I have decided to major in Industrial and Operations Engineering (in an honors program with a cultural/business core that can lead me into a masters') rather than Biomedical Engineering. I chose IOE because my strongest interests and skills lie in Mathematics, and IOE would give me a chance to apply these mathematical skills to a broader major that is applicable to numerous types of engineering and business. Apparently IOE also gives its students a different way of analytical thinking and problem solving that is applicable to numerous areas, whereas other fields may not allow for that as much. I still have an interest in BME, but enjoy the human aspects of Industrial Engineering, and consider myself strong (or stronger than most engineers) in human communications and interactions. If I could find a way to combine IOE with BME, I would... a dual major is probably out of the question since much of my time is spent fulfilling business/cultural credits for my honors program (which I enjoy, and it allows me to get a broader background that will be applicable to business and most professions). I have considered going on for a Masters in BME or Pharmaceutical Engineering, however... this would be feasible.

After asking various family friends who are lawyers and partners at big-law firms, the consensus seems to be that although there may be more biotech patents, as long as I can sit for the patent bar, I should choose the major that I am most interested in and would receive the highest GPA from.

I have posted questions on here before in regards to which major would lead me more readily into patent law, but nobody really talked much about what type of patent work IE's do. I know that BME's do most of their work on medical devices/drugs/surgery processes/etc., but it is not as clear cut what IE's can patent besides business processes, organizational type things. Perhaps if I combined my BSE in Industrial and Operations Engineering (with my business and cultural background), with a MSE in PharmE or BME, I would be a more versatile lawyer who could work in different fields. Or even my broad analytical skills developed in IOE would allow me to write various patents. If any of you have any input, it would be greatly appreciated!