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Army Reserve Duty and Law School

Army Reserve Duty and Law School
« on: May 12, 2004, 08:19:28 PM »
Good day, y'all.
I'm a new guy to this forum. Enjoyed reading some of the posts for the past 3 days. I have a question:
I'm currently two months away from finishing my B.S in Info Systems(expected GPA around 3.1-3.2) I am enrolled in a one-year MS in E-Business at the same school. Then I hope to apply for OCS and become an officer. I served 5 years on active duty and 3 years in the reserves.
I am reading Law School Confidential, the Montauk book, and browsing some forums to educate myself about this whole law school thing.
My idea so far would be to work in the active army for 4 years, and then transfer to the reserves and go to law school.
I am 29 now. If all goes well, I could be in law school by age 34-35.
Granted, it is not too old. I am more concerned with the time committment of study and other activities at law school and any possible conflict with military reserve duty. Would that take too much time away from study? Would that put undue stress into an already charged lifestyle?
The reason I want to go the officer route, is to fullfill a long held dream of mine, and to gain more leadership skills and responsibility to allow me to build a strong "package" to get into top law schools.
I apologize for the long post, and appreciate any answers.